Virgillio Armarndio
The Jimquisition and The Videogame Show What I've Done creature
Creator Jim Sterling
Date Created 9th October 2009
Date of Final Appearance 15th March 2012
First Appearance VGSWID 011: Citizen Kane
Final Appearance Jimquisition Extra: Virgillio Armarndio's Art Hole

Virgillio Armarndio is a character created by Jim Sterling. Originally appearing as a parody of the many 'art gamers' looking to get the medium seen as a more artistic form of expression by those outside of the industry. His appearance becomes more and more 'artistic' throughout his appearances, first featuring as Jim with spiked up hair before eventually becoming some black and white films portrait of a sad clown. Because sad clowns are artistic. Videogames.

The character descended even further into parody in VGSWID 017: Art Games, literally featuring with a question mark on his head before presenting a game called Peaches (a parody of The Path).

Virgillio was also featured in The Jimqusition: Defending Call of Duty .


  • "Artistic... videogames..."
  • "I get it and YOU DON'T! *chuckles, then begins to cry*"
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