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Tobiichi Karlsson
(Previously known as "Sir" Tobbii Karlsson) is a friend of the Podtoid hosts and an Administrator on the Podtoid wiki frequently mentioned on New Podtoid for her contributions to the lore and mythology of the series. In addition to regularly offering questions for the show's hosts, Tobiichi also produces movie posters based on Willem Dafoe Movie Pitches. She has also been described as a "Podtoid Journalist" by Jonathan Holmes.

Outside of Podtoid, Tobiichi often works with Jonathan Holmes as a video editor and the pair have produced numerous short videos for Destructoid together.

Podtoid/Destructoid Related ThingsEdit

Collaborations with Jonathan HolmesEdit

Collaborations with other Podtoid/Destructoid peopleEdit

Aliases given by the New Podtoid HostsEdit

  • Pharaoh of Excellent (from Jim)
  • One of the "We Three Kings of Orient Are"