The Videogame Show What I've Done
Videogame parody occasional video series
Hosted by Jim Sterling
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VGSWID 001: Megaman
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VGSWID 018: Modern Warfare 3: Black Ops
9th July 2009
25th January 2012

The Videogame Show What I've Done is a video series created by Jim Sterling hosted primarily on the Destructoid YouTube Channel. It is a parody of the many number of terrible game reviews available on the internet, as well as the perception some had of him at the time. Every single fact is incorrect, and that is the entire point. The series is designed to annoy those who don't get it, which unfortunately backfired when the show was momentarily picked up by Machinima, whos audience didn't quite get the joke.

The show is continuing on Jim's own channel. Which can watch it here.