The Podcastle
Brit-Pop videogame fortnightly podcast
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Hosted by Jim Sterling
Cast Lauren Wainwright, John Kershaw
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First episode
Podcastle 001: Ass Effect, Mass Creed and the London Games Festival
Last episode
Podcastle 040: The Final
30th November 2007
5th August 2009

The Podcastle was a Destructoid Podcast that ran from late 2007 to mid 2009. It was the first podcast to feature Jim Sterling as host, and notably featured non-Destructoid staff members making up the bulk of its cast.

It ran on a bi-weekly basis, and came to a close on its 40th episode for various reasons, one of which being Jim moving to America.

The feed used for The Podcastle has since been taken over by BritToid, its now defunct replacement. This show did not feature any of the original cast.


When Jim's great aunt Babbage died, she left him an ancient medieval castle in her will. As an Englishman, Jim already had a castle, but this one was bigger and also had a podcast recording suite in it. With that in mind, Jim invited beloved community member Athiestium and despised community orc Wardrox to his new abode, that they might record European podcasts for Destructoid.


  • Jim Sterling - Host, reviews editor at
  • John "Wardrox" Kershaw - Site owner of (formerly
  • Lauren "Athiestium" Wainwright - Freelancer, site owner of

Episode ListEdit

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"Is The Podcastle Ending Because..."Edit

A running joke on The Podcastle was that the show was going to end because Jim was moving to America. This carried through right from Jim's move being announced right the way through to the final episode where it was revealed that the show was actutally ending because Wardrox was moving to America, not Jim.

The Podcastle 2: Reunion SpecialEdit

A Podcastle Reunion is planned for 'sometime in the future'. This was confirmed by Jim Sterling at the end of Podtoid 240: Uncle Ben's Hot Piss, and later over Twitter. No concrete date has been announced, though it has been said to be a 'one off' special, and will simply feature the old Podcastle crew answering listener questions. It is unknown if this will end prematurely due to Jim moving to America.


  • Jim's love for "spunking on Lauren's tits" is an early form of the relationship he would go on to have with Jonathan Holmes.
  • Wardrox is no longer in gaming press, instead participating in professional Roller Derby under the name "Sausage Roller". He still retains ownership of
  • Athiestium was accused in 2012 of being paid to say she likes Tomb Raider by publisher Eidos. This is patently false, and if one had listened to the Podcastle her love for Tomb Raider games would be made very clear.