Welcome to The Heathcliff Museum, your place for New Podtoid related ART from various talented artists.

Note that we do not accept art of Willem Dafoe's movies, those have been banned from these halls and can be found over here.

If you find any good pieces of fan-art, either add them to the gallery/list yourself or contact Tobbii Karlsson, he's easiest to find via his Twitter.

Picture-Art of the Visual kindEdit

Video-Art, not to be confused with Videogames (but those are also art)Edit

Gamecube Commercial "Satan" by Tobbii Karlsson

Jim Sterling explains E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy by Thomas Truong

Lego Podtoid by MacraBrickz

Meeting the Inventor of Christmas by Tobbii Karlsson

The New Adventures of Podtoid by Thomas Truong

The Twelve Days of Podtoid by Tobbii Karlsson

A Minecraft Tribute to Jonathan Holmes by Cirmanman

A Pretty Song for Jonathan

Jonathan Holmes: Sexual Criminal

V For Vendetta 2: D For Deep Dicking

Freaky Guardian - 9 Second Early Test Render by Tobiichi Karlsson

Music-Art, for ear-listening what sounds good in head. MmmmmmEdit

All Podtoid remixes can be found here. The ones listed here are original songs.

All For Chungus by Andy Butternubs

Fuck my Ass, Jonathan Holmes [Podtoid x The Adventures of Lolo] by Thomas Truong

Awkward Guy (Nice Tits) by Andy Butternubs (lyrics written by Jonathan Holmes).