Baby Police
Established by law abiding citizen Jonathan Holmes, The Baby Police is a police force in the town of Boston comprised of highly trained officers under the age of three patrolling the streets. The police force is run by co-lieutenants Jonathan Holmes and Jim Sterling as well as police chief, Conrad Zimmerman.

Officially slated to go into action by 2013, so Holmes needs to hurry the fuck up.

Method of Crime FightingEdit

Crime fighting consists of patrolling shady areas within Boston that have a supposed high crime rate. When a dangerous suspect has been found, the officers will then be thrown towards him by co-lieutanants on the scene and apprehend the criminal.

Baby Police AcademyEdit

The academy was created to train the children of Jonathan Holmes' patients through tough and rigorous criticism from police chief Conrad as well as back breaking training by co-lieutenants Sterling and Holmes.


“Baby police academy has got a sterling record in making babies good at fighting gang members, using a unique blend of intense criticism from Conrad and throwing babies at as many criminals as possible.” - Jim Sterling

“It hasn’t failed yet!” - Conrad Zimmerman