Teenage Pokemon
Videogame parody cartoon series
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Hosted by Jonathan Holmes
Cast Anthony Burch, Tara Long, Jim Sterling
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Episode Guide
First episode
TeenPkmn 001: Christmas Wishlist
Last episode
TeenPkmn 005: PAX Special
15th December 2012
10th March 2013

Teenage Pokemon is an animated comedy show created by Jonathan Holmes.

Several former and current Destructoid contributors, and friends of Jonathan Holmes, have supplied voices for the show. Animation has been created largely by fans of Jonathans other works, with Jonathan kindly giving all income generated by the show straight to them as "they do the real work".

A second season of Teenage Pokemon is currently in the works.

Episode GuideEdit

Episode # Episode Name Date Length
Episode 001 Christmas Wishlist 15th December 2012 0:02:24
Episode 002 Console Wars 17th February 2013 0:04:13
Episode 003 Mewtube Girls 24th February 2013 0:06:56
Episode 004 Rare Candy 3rd March 2013 0:04:17
Episode 005 PAX Special 10th March 2013 0:05:33