Talking to Women about Videogames
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Hosted by Jonathan Holmes
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3DS 2nd Nub Controversy
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Nintendo Hate
11th September 2011
5th July 2012


Talking to Women about Videogames was a video series produced by Jonathan Holmes for Destructoid from 2011-2012. The show's premise involved Holmes having discussions on current topics relating to videogames with women. Generally, the women were presented as "average people" in contrast to the videogame-obsessed Holmes, though some episodes also featured notable members of the videogame community (such as cosplayer Jessica Nigri) and female professionals within the games industry.

List of episodes of Talking to Women about VideogamesEdit

The complete series run consists of 17 episodes, separated into two seasons.

Season OneEdit

# Episode Title Release Date
1 3DS 2nd Nub Controversy September 11, 2011


Gears 3 Review PANIC! September 18, 2011
3 Sexy, Sexist, or Stupid? September 24, 2011
4 Free Zelda is a ripoff? October 1, 2011
5 Uncharted 3 online DISASTER October 9, 2011
6 Mass Effect 3 multi-player MINDF*CK October 15, 2011
7 Steve Jobs and Videogames October 23, 2011
8 Skyrim vs. Zelda vs. Spryro October 30, 2011
9 GTA V vs. the CHILDREN November 6, 2011
10 GOTY Episode November 13, 2011

Season TwoEdit

# Episode Title Release Date
11 Indie Game: The Movie April 26, 2012
12 Grow Up! May 10, 2012
13 Violent Art Debate May 17, 2012
14 Sony is the most artistic? May 22, 2012
15 Tomb Raider June 14, 2012
16 Lollipop Chainsaw June 26, 2012
17 Nintendo Hate July 5, 2012


Jonathan Holmes received significant criticism upon the release of the first episode of Talking to Women about Videogames from people who mistakenly believed he was attempting to mock the woman in the video for her lack of knowledge on the subject. This seems to have largely been a misunderstanding of Holmes' intent due to the ambiguous nature of the videos.

When asked about speaking with women who don't play videogames and the relative worth of their opinions, Holmes said, "If we want to be treated with respect by society at large, it's on us to lead by example, and to treat those who don't understand with respect. If we want to keep from becoming an increasingly insular, psychologically inbred, shallow, judgmental, elitist, out-of-touch culture, we need to start valuing people who don't fit our definition of 'gamer.'"


The success of Talking to Women about Videogames inspired Max Scoville to create a similar (albeit, poorly thought-out) series, Talking to Video Games about Women. In the only episode produced to date, Scoville talks to the NES game Blades of Steel and compares it to an unhealthy relationship with a woman.

Talking to Women about Videogames: The AlbumEdit

Following upon a very positive response to the opening theme for Talking to Women about Videogames, Holmes produced an extended version of the song and released it on Bandcamp as a single. This was followed by a full-length album release featuring remixes and covers from fans and friends of Holmes, including Jim SterlingSuper Meat Boy composer Danny B, and Tobbii Karlsson. The album features 46 tracks in total and is available for purchase on Bandcamp

Music videos have been produced for the XXX Mix , the Unplugged Mix and the "Creed" version(featuring Jim Sterling).