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Live talk and interview video show and podcast
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Hosted by Jonathan Holmes
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SupHolmes 001: Tyrone Rodriguez of Nicalis
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5th February 2012

Sup, Holmes? is a talk and interview show created by and starring Jonathan Holmes, with new installments released weekly. The program is broadcast live on Destructoid's Twitch channel (Dtoid TV) on Sundays at 1pm Pacific and subsequently published on YouTube and in an audio-only podcast version. Considered by some to be akin to an "indie salon," due to its heavy focus on independent and DIY game-making, it has featured several prominent developers including Team Meat, Gaijin Games, Anna Anthropy and Jonathan Blow.

Show FormatEdit

The series is centered around providing a platform for the creative talent working in and around the games industry to share their experiences and perspectives, and offering viewers the opportunity to have their own questions answered. In the live show, Holmes speaks directly with one or more guests associated with videogaming (most frequently game designers and artists) about their projects, the process of their work and their inspirations. Viewers are encouraged to submit questions via chat room, which are curated and answered in the second half of the show.


The show was inspired by former New Podtoid host Hamza Aziz, who expressed a desire to have a shirt in Destructoid's online merchandise store which read, "Sup, Holmes?" and requested that a show with this title be produced to justify the existence of the product. Despite the show having aired for more than a year, the shirt has yet to materialize.

Holmes enlisted the aid of Conrad Zimmerman to develop the concept and manage the technical aspects (also providing the voice of the show's engineer, Sinistar). Initially envisioned as a 30-minute call-in program, the idea was scrapped in favor of the one-on-one interview format due to logistical and quality concerns.

The theme song was composed and recorded by Holmes and Lindsay Collins created the animation which serves as the show's opening sequence, as well as its logo. The animation was reprised at the close of the show until Episode 44, when it was replaced with a credit sequence featuring a remix of the theme created by lolshin.

Early episodes (1-13) of Sup, Holmes? have a running time of one hour. The show was expanded to its current length of 90 minutes when it was determined that there wasn't enough time for Holmes to ask both his own questions and those of the live audience. 


Sup, Holmes? has developed a small but dedicated audience, particularly among independent game development circles. The audio podcast enjoys generally favorable reviews on iTunes.