Title Card for New Adventures.

The Amazing Spidered-Man (aka. Spiderd-Man) was an identity held by Jonathan Holmes. It was given to him by Jim Sterling on Podtoid 209.

The Origin of Spidered-ManEdit

Jim was asking "Why isn't Jonathan Holmes Spider-man?" and after much pondering came to the conclusion that it was because Holmes had yet to be bitten by the right spider. At this point Conrad Zimmerman suggested that they should have Holmes be bitten by every spider they could find in order for Holmes to become bitten by the right radioactive spider.

The procedure came to that where Jim and Conrad undressed Holmes naked

Jim and Conrad as JJJ.

and tied him to a chair in a cold garage in Boston and began tossing a bunch of spiders at him. Jim had deduced that since there is "about a million" radioactivity and "about a million" spiders in the world, simple math says that one of the spiders should eventually be the radioactive one needed for Holmes to be bitten properly. 

Shaping Holmes into an HeroEdit


The Amazing Spidered-Man!

When Holmes have become bitten by the right spider there would still be elements of Spider-man missing from him, so Jim and Conrad would dress up as J. Jonah Jameson and yell at his face as if he was Peter Parker doing a bad job at capturing Spider-man. This was the start of the J. Jonah Jameson impression on New Podtoid. In order to really show how angry JJJ was, Jim and Conrad would be kicking Holmes and burn him with cigarrs.

Finally Holmes still needed a costume, so Jim took an old Spider-Man pillow-case and cut holes for Holmes' eyes and put it on his head. Holmes had now become Spidered-Man and was ready to stop crime in Boston.


  • The Amazing Spidered-Man (called The Amazing Spiderd-Man) was the first act of the first episode of The New Adventures of Podtoid.
  • On New Adventures, listeners got to design their own spiders that would be thrown at Holmes.