Road Rules 5: Northern Trail
MTV reality series
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Cast Jonathan Holmes, Roni Martin, Tara McDaniel, Dan Setzler, Noah Rickun and Anne Wharton
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First episode
RR5 001: Hello, My Name Is...
Last episode
RR5 015: Ice Castles
19 January 1998
13 April 1998

Road Rules is an MTV reality show that was spun off from their flagship reality show, The Real World.

Road Rules 5: Northern Trail was the fifth series of this show and the first to feature 6 people rather than 5 - but most importantly was the television debut of our favourite boy Jonathan Holmes, as well as some people who are Not Jonathan Holmes.

Jonathan Holmes' HairEdit

In his first starring TV role, Jonathan Holmes has been blessed with the most god-like hair. Look at that hair. So majestic. Sadly, the candle that burns twice as bright burns half as long, and it is no longer with us.


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  • In the first episode of the series, Jonathan Holmes performs the worlds first six-person bungee jump.


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