Pretty much everything on this site is fiction. Only episode listings and minor details about cast members (such as birthdays and some biographical work) and events are even anything resembling real. If it doesn't sound real, it probably isn't (except that bit about Jonathan being on Road Rules 5: Northern Trail. That actually happened).
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"I feel neglected, and the layout keeps fucking breaking. Wikia, stop that shit! I SAID CUT IT OUT!"

- Willem Dafoe, Actor

What is Podtoid?
Podtoid: the official 'videogame' podcast. Now in it's 9th iteration, Podtoid is hosted by the motley crew of Max Scoville, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman accompanied by the fresh-faced and slightly-bearded Andy Dixon and Caitlin Cooke.

Looking for the continuation of the previous era of Podtoid? Take a look at The Dismal Jesters, the new podcast from Jim Sterling, Jonathan Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman!

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- Jonathan Holmes, Podtoid 277

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