The Meanest Cum In The West
Podtoid episode 206
Release date 19 June, 2012
Running time 120 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
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Podtoid 206: The Meanest Cum In The West is a New Podtoid episode released on 19 June 2012.

It was hosted by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes.

Official descriptionEdit

On this week's edition of Podtoid, the gang discusses how to build and operate a Wild West saloon/brothel while avoiding the long arm of the law, the sociopathy involved in lying about videogames, and whether or not the Crypt Keeper was deeply unhappy with his life.

Elsewhere, we chat about objectification and Lollipop Chainsaw, the idea of Nintendo putting marketing above creativity, and make ample fun of the rumor that Willem Dafoe might be in Beyond: Two Souls. All this and much more, only on Podtoid! (Link to Dtoid Post)