Your Humble Anal Caretaker
Podtoid episode 202
Release date 15 May, 2012
Running time 130 minutes
Featuring Jim Sterling
Jonathan Holmes
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Podtoid 202: Your Humble Anal Caretaker is a New Podtoid episode released on 15 May 2012.

The episode was hosted by Jim Sterling and Jonathan Holmes.

Official descriptionEdit

On an incredibly fecal edition of Podtoid, the gang discusses an awesome Minecraft tribute to Jonathan Holmes' ringpiece, the responsibilities of controlling when another man poops, and a music video in which Jim Sterling melts through a window covered in backdoor clay. What a smelly episode!

Elsewhere, Mary J. Blige makes the ultimate sacrifice, there are three tender love holes, Paranormal Activity comes to Boston. On the game front, we discuss Konami's blacklisting of certain editors, Diablo III, Capcom's latest DLC shenanigans, and probably some other stuff.

What a show! (Link to Dtoid Post)


The episode starts with Jim asking how Jonathan is, to which Jonathan replies that he's "feeling weird". Jim questions the reason behind this and Jonathan says that some people seem to think that his anus is a fountain operated via a system of pistons and pulleys, he shows discomfort that the listeners only want to focus on his anus, even though he's got a head. It is soon revealed that both Jim and Jonathan saw the video showcasing a certain Minecraft construct that was made by request in the previous episode; a large pixel-art statue of a naked Jonathan Holmes pulling his anus apart, complete with levers that can manipulate his digestive systems (and control when urine and feces comes out of the construct). Jim expresses how he would love to have a such a system in real life, Jonathan replies "with that system, you can make me poo whenever you want." Jim suddenly realizes his lifelong dream, his ultimate goal, to control when and how Holmes shits.


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