European Podtoid fan podcast
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Hosted by Jay Solomon
Cast Matt Turner, Mattias Sjöstrand, Jesse James, Louie Falls
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First episode
PodTea'd 001: Teenage Pokemon Fucking
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27 May 2013

PodTea'd (previously "New BritToid") is a podcast created by European members of The Shattered. The cast is currently fluctuating wildly, so expect it to settle in a few weeks.


Four years ago, a battle was waged on these lands. A great conflict that sadly could not be won by the righteous few. Only three remained. Knowing all was lost, two fled atop the mighty beast NukeZilla, whilst a single soul fought till the bitter end. Dragged from the ruins by the members of The Podtoid Collective, he vowed to take back the lands that had been taken from him.

Then he gave up and moved to America, so some squatters took up residence instead. Welcome to PodTea'd, hosted from within the walls of the newly rebuilt, but recently abandoned, Podcastle.


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Name ChangeEdit

The original name of the show was "New BritToid". A name change was required after the first episode was released. Few members original cast of BritToid were understandably cross with the use of the name, and requested a change. While no legal lines were crossed (everything published by Destructoid is under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, and attribution was given. The name "BritToid" was also never a trademark or registered in any way beyond its original usage.), the hosts of the show found it only fair follow the requests through and change the show title. In episode 13 it was revealed that PodTea'd was chosen due to being Podtoid related whilst being different enough that, should the show ever end, we don't have to be tied to it. Sadly, this prediction came true not two weeks after the episode was recorded.

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