The Nintendo overlords seated in their chamber.

A video game company that has branches situated around the world. Most notable include Nintendo of America, run by meat faced president Reggie Fils-Aime, and Nintendo of Japan, run by the fourth president, Satoru Iwata.

The company is notable for making some of Jonathan Holmes' favorite games and is known to both simultaneously prove and disprove anything that goes on in the video game industry. There is speculation as to whether this power was gained through acquiring black magic or demons but these theories have yet to be proven.

Relationship to Jonathan HolmesEdit

Over the years, Jonathan Holmes has built connections with those who work for the company through his interactions with representatives via his video series. However, the Gamecube Commercials he has thought up in previous Podtoids have yet to be shown on television. 

He once met Reggie Fils-Aime and got him to sign a purple pikman plushie. The moment did not last very long but afterwards, Holmes described him as being a gentle uncle figure.