New Podtoid
Sensual videogame podcast
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Hosted by Jim Sterling
Cast Tara Long, Max Scoville, Jonathan Holmes, Hamza Aziz, Conrad Zimmerman
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First episode
Podtoid 149: Elusive Zazu
Last episode
Podtoid 276: Ron Perlman's Halloween Cock
4 May 2011
31 October 2013

New Podtoid is the 2011-2013 run of Podtoid, spanning Eras 6, 7 and 8, and lasting for over 120 episodes from 149 to 276. New Podtoid is continued in it's child podcast, The Dismal Jesters.

The fate of New Podtoid is currently up in the air, due to the departure of Jim Sterling from Destructoid.

Out of the top 10 longest episodes of Podtoid, New Podtoid contains 9 of them.