On the Podcast the crew is always looking for excuses to burst into song (at least Jim is), here's music from Podtoid.

Opening MusicEdit

  • "Reptile" by Skrillex
  • "Main Theme" from Metal Arms: Glitch in the System
  • "Zed Boss Battle" from Lolipop Chainsaw
    • Third Opening Music for New Podtoid (Podtoid 231 to ???)
  • "Thousand Suns" from Dynasty Warriors 8
    • Fourth Opening Music from New Podtoid (Podtoid 266 to ???)
  • "Rave On" from Killer7
    • Fifth Opening Music for New Podtoid (??? to ???)

Songs sung by Jim SterlingEdit

Songs sung by Jonathan HolmesEdit

Songs sung by Conrad ZimmermanEdit

  • "Ass Looks Tasty" (Call Me Maybe)
  • "Total Eclipse of the Holmes" (Total Eclipse of the Heart)
  • "Party Man" (Party Man)
    • (Podtoid 234)