Muddy Buddy
New Podtoid Willem Dafoe movie pitch
Muddy buddies podtoid by sirtobbii-d52ynb8
Creator Jonathan Holmes, Jim Sterling
Starring Willem Dafoe
Date Created 7th July 2011
Date of Final Appearance 1st March 2013
First Appearance Podtoid 157: Muddy Buddies
Final Appearance Dtoid Show: The Witcher 3 NEW DETAILS! Willem Dafoe In BEYOND: TWO SOULS, Metro: Last Light RELEASE DATE & More!

Muddy Buddy (known in Poland as "Willem Dafoe the Mud Man of Boston", "Muddy Buddies" in Sweden and "Willem DeFilth" in some areas of the midwest) was a critically acclaimed, Oscar winning film debuting Willem Dafoe as a friendly naked Mud Man who befreinds a young child who discovers him in a forest.

Director Jonathan Holmes' motivation for making the film has been disputed - producer Jim Sterling argues that the film was written as a result of severe shell shock Holmes suffered in 'Nam, however the generally consensus is that "he is just that fucked".

A sleeper hit, Muddy Buddy went on to win numerous Oscars in the best actor, director and mud man catagories, as well as 6 Grammies for the squelching noises between Dafoe's thighs. Soon becoming a craze that swept the nation, Muddy Buddy spawned numerous hits for Dafoe that created his household name status.

Musical ScoreEdit

It is known that only one song was written for the motion picture. This piece, composed by Everett Fortner, clocks in at only one minute, thirty-seven seconds and runs the entire screen time of the film. With lyrics pieced together from the originial film pitch, the score has been noted by critics as "leading people to suicide," and "causing mass murder."

Muddy Buddy sightingsEdit

Muddy Buddy (Full Theatrical Score)-0

Muddy Buddy (Full Theatrical Score)-0

Numerous Muddy Buddies have been sighted across Canada, Siberia and downtown New York, however none of the claims have been verified. Some say, however, that if you travel to the woods of Boston naked you can hear a whisper saying "Muddy Buddy gets me super hot and I wanna joyk aff to them". Much has been said about these seemingly coded messages, however the Mayor of Boston has said that it's "pretty fuckin' sweet" and, after a pilgrimage to the town, "naked chicks be rad, yo".

Possible sequel rumoursEdit

It has been widely reported that a sequel "Muddy Buddies" starring Sigourney Weaver and Brendon Fraiser, set upon a derilict space craft, however director Jonathon Holmes has neither denied nor supported the rumours. Leaked images of a "Queen Buddy" were leaked late 2012, however they have similarly not been verified.

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