Strong Holmes

Jonathan Holmes' Ever Stretching Chungus

A recurring subject matter during Jim's many 'You know what, Jonathan...?' segments, often involving Jim performing a sexual act upon it, much to the protestation of Holmes. 

The Anal Siege Comes to an EndEdit

Main Article: No More Anus Talk

All talk of Jonathan Holmes' anus is now officially not a part of Podtoid. Jim Sterling officially declared this via Twitter:

"@TronKnotts That is settled then. Anus is no longer on the Podtoid menu. It'll atrophy if we tie it off at the source." We'll that's what anuses are designed to do...they stretch. 01/01/2013


  • Brown Eye
  • The Labyrinth
  • Choco-Mouth
  • Spice Piece
  • Wheezing Chololate Rosette
  • Gasping Maw
  • Little Sausage Factory
  • Chungus Squirter
  • Negative Space


  • Excreting in the Popcorn of a local cinema. (Podtoid 209)
  • Vacuumed out like a long tongue and used to do a sex on Jim.
  • Used as a means of transporting drug filled condoms into Mexico. (Podtoid 213)
  • Filled with worms during Podtoid's ill fated attempts to form a rap group. (Podtoid 200)
  • Modified to poop whenever Jim wants, as inspired by the Minecraft temple . (Podtoid 202)
  • Home of the titular labyrinth in the film Labyrinth and the castle of Jareth The Goblin King (David Bowie). Shows people their dreams if they "turn it this way." (Podtoid 229)
  • Sentient being able to hold conversations and drink white wine only with Jim Sterling. (Podtoid 224)