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Jonathan Holmes, friend of Jeff. Judging from his eyes it's possible he's carrying a knife.

was a friend of Jonathan Holmes that he knew in real life and was a lot like Jim Sterling. He was talked about quite a bit on Podtoid 229.

The "Elton John and Anuses" PhaseEdit

Jeff tended to drink and talk about anuses a lot, not unlike Jim. He thought that Elton John should sing more about anuses and less about the stuff he sung about. Holmes described his behaviour in detail on Podtoid 229. It's been suggested that Jim might be going through a "Jeff" and is in the first phase.

The "I think I killed someone" PhaseEdit

The second phase of a "Jeff" was first witnessed during an episode of Bit Transmission which Holmes and Conrad Zimmerman was on. Jeff called up Holmes and began talking, he was seemingly crying and had a hard time forming words. Eventually he said that he thought he might have killed someone. A day later Holmes called him up and Jeff acted as if the two never had a phone call the previous night and had no recollection of saying he thought he had killed someone.

The "Holmes has a Knife" PhaseEdit

The last known phase of a "Jeff" was described by Holmes on Podtoid 229. Jeff had began suspecting that Holmes was planning on killing him, he would walk around telling people stuff like "Stay away from Jonathan, I think he's got a knife on him." and kept acting weird. At this point Holmes stopped socializing with Jeff and has not heard from him since.