Poster for the upcoming adapatation by Tobbii Karlsson.

The Ghost of Commodore 64 is a spectre of a deceased Videogame Console that in December 2012 began to haunt Conrad Zimmerman's microphone.

Also known as "The Man", "That Little Guy" or "The Conradore" by Jonathan Holmes, the Ghost of Commodore 64 tends to ruin the podcast by all of a sudden start a loud noise that would obsBBFBFBZFFZZZZZBFBFZZZZZZZZZZZ and such cauFFFZZFFZZFZFHHHHBZZZidence in Boston untiZFFFFFSCCHHHZFZZZurkey dinner. It's rumoured that the ghost will be retconned out of Podtoid in 2013 with Conrad buying a new microphone.

Feature FilmEdit

The people sucking money out of the Paranormal Activity franchise decided to adapt this story as thier 64th installment in their franchise. Starring Willem Dafoe set for release in 2013. (It is unknown whether or not the retcon of the Ghost will cause this to be canceled.)