Elton John hi

He's a terrible man!

The So-Called "Sir" Elton John is known as a "terrible man" on Podtoid, stemming from his various controversies and general hatred toward Jonathan Holmes.  He was crowned by Europe as "King of the High Places" which led to Jim Sterling leading a rebel force of 10,000 strong against Elton. The rebellion was a failure causing Jim to leave Europe and come to America.

Elton John, while being known to many as a famous musician and accomplished personality, is known to Jonathan Holmes only as a tormentor. Thankfully the altruistic Max Scoville, Jim Sterling, and Tara Long attempted to spare Holmes any harm by stealing the hate mail Elton John had sent him. Elton's letters were composed of pubes glued into writing spelling out "Eskimo Fuck," perhaps a reference to Jonathan's ambiguous ethnicity (and at christmas "Yule Tide Eskimo Fuck".)

On Podtoid 181: Elton John is Just a Hateful Man the Podtoid crew discussed Elton John and his crimes against humanity at great length, such as driving the car that got Kenan and Kel killed in that joyride, replacing Kel on Saturday Night Live, demanding the limbs of a puppy be torn off before he'd play at a gig, getting two of his own ribs removed so he could suck his own dick, and being the tunnel that Diana crashed in so that she'd die and he could re-release (lazy) "The So-Called Candle In The Wind".

In the autumn of 2012 Elton John was expected to name Jim Sterling as his replacement, but decided against this at the time, as he felt Sterling did not want to steal the limelight from Elton John.

He is probably best known for his hit song "Hey Kids, Look Into My Anus" and "The So-Called Candle In The Wind".