Holmes Medicine
Dr. Holmes: Medicine Woman
was an identity held by Jonathan Holmes who was meant to be a recurring segment of New Podtoid starting on Podtoid 224 but was never brought back past that episode.

The segment began with Holmes saying that everything Jim Sterling eats and drinks is litteraly worse than eating poo. This gave Jim the idea of eating poo and consulting Dr. Holmes on the matter.

The Quest for Holmes' PooEdit

Jim wanted to have Holmes poo into a Monster Energy can so he could drink that instead in order to slim down so he could fit into his Scarecrow halloween costume for The Jimquisition. Conrad Zimmerman misheard this as Jim dressing up as Skeletor, something he also intends on possibly doing some day. Holmes would be paid 20 Grotes. Holmes stated that he would only poo in a toilet, so Jim would have to reroute his pipes from Boston to go to his own home. Holmes did not express excitement about this idea, claiming that "Don't eat my poo" was not asking a lot from Jim.

"Like the Milkman coming to the door!" -Conrad

"A Poothie (Poo Smoothie)" -Conrad

Q and A with Dr. Holmes: Medicine WomanEdit

Jim's Questions: The Answer
"What's more nutricious, human (poo) or not (human)?" Probably not human.
(Follow Up Clarification) "We're talking rabbit-poo." N/A
(Describing Dr. Holmes Poop) "Syruppy and Golden." What!? Noooo!