New Podtoid location
Creator Jim Sterling
Date Created Sometime before 22nd November 2012
Date of Last Appearance 8th March 2013
First Appearance Podtoid 228: Batman's Covered in Feces and Urine
Last Appearance Podtoid 243: Do I Wanna Defend Balls

The Dafoeverse (formally the Rabbids Land MiiVerse) is a Wii U MiiVerse community dedicated to the "Patron Saint of Podtoid" Willem Dafoe. The Rabbids Land Miiverse was refitted into the Dafoeverse after Jim Sterling declared the Dafoe theme to be a better use of it.

Conrad Zimmerman of Saturday Morning Hangover was the first known man to visit the Dafoeverse and at the same time record the mythical images it holds. This video can be viewed here .

The Dafoeverse is international, spanning across all three of the Rabbids Land MiiVerse Nations, but the most active one is the American Dafoeverse.


The Dafoeverse have been the subject of heavy trolling from people drawing Rabbids (from the videogame Rayman Raving Rabbids) and asking "IS THIS GAME ANY GOOD!?" in various different ways. It's been realized that the best way to counter-act this is by drawing more images of Willem Dafoe.

Gallery of Dafoe (and other Podtoid related images)Edit

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