It's like regular milk, but slightly green-ish.

Daddy's Moon Milk is one of the many life changing ideas Jim Sterling had for himself and Jonathan Holmes. This idea had Jim believing the Moon was made of milk, and he wanted in on that sweet, sweet milk money.

The PlanEdit

Jim stated that he believed the Moon was "like a coconut" and was filled with flesh and thick milk on the inside. Of course, Jim recruited Jonathan Holmes, a naive young lad, to help him in his business venture. Together, Jim and Holmes would build a space ship from logs, known as a "space raft," and then get special dispensation from the President in order to kill some aquarium fish and create space helmets from their circular tanks.

The JourneyEdit

The two proceed to blast off into space to get the Moon Milk, wearing nothing but the helmets, and very little else. Once on the Moon they would gather the milk one glass each at a time, package it as "Daddy's Moon Milk," and sell it for profit. The milk would be sold to disadvantaged children in third world countries, and was known to have created "the strongest bones in Africa."

Holmes, of course, disagreed with the adventure, stating that they would just die in space without proper equipment, and suggested that they could just fake the Moon Milk with green food coloring instead.


  • The Space Raft was made into a movie poster by Tobbii Karlsson.
  • The concept of a "Space Raft" not unlike the one mentioned by Jim also appears in an issue of "The Original Science Fiction Stories" Magazine. The Space Raft depicted on the cover of this issue was later incorporated into the poster for a Willem Dafoe pitch, "A Horse Named Keanu", as a reference to this plan.