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Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszisnky is a game-developer who used to work at Epic Games designing games such as Jazz Jackrabbit, Unreal Tournament and Gears of War. He was given the nickname "Sniffy P" by Jim Sterling.

Hate out of TenEdit

When Jim Sterling reviewed Gears of War 3 he gave the game a final score of 8/10. Something Cliffy B was a little upset about since he knew the game was at least a 9. He went on to calling Jim's score, and others like it, a Hate out of Ten. Something Jim called out. Since then he has stated that he was merely joking, though he did not specify where the joke in his statement was.

On December 31'st 2012, Jim decided to end the animosity between them on his show The Jimquisition. He presented his musicvideo for his song "Epic Hole (B Mine Cliffy)" as a tribute to the man. Cliffy B has yet to comment on this artistic expression. Despite all, they have become friends once more, and Cliffy B has participated in the Jimquisition episode "The Golden Sins Of Horror Games".