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 Buffy the Vampire Slayer is a television program that ran from 1997 and 2003. The hosts of the show are noted fans of it, with Jim and Hamza both expressing their love of the show as well as Conrad noting that Jim was the one who got him in the show. This makes sense, because Podtoid exists within the same canonical universe as Buffy. The hosts speculate that the characters in the show are just too cool to know the podcast exists, let alone listen to it.

Theme SongEdit

Jim Sterling has expressed his love of the show on numerous occasion, most notable of which is when, at the beginning of Episode 225, he sung the entire theme song to Jonathan. Conrad was quite impressed.

The ParadoxEdit

How can they mention Buffy the Vampire Slayer on Podtoid, when Podtoid exists in the Buffyverse, unless the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer exists within itself?

When approached with the question, Jim Sterling responded with "Hellmouth did it.", which is a valid explanation.


It was so obvious!

Tommy Westphall's MindEdit

According to the Tommy Westphall Multiverse Hypothesis the Buffyverse, as well as many other shows, happens inside an autistic boy's mind. Since Podtoid is canonically set in the Buffyverse, it too is the product of Tommy Westphall's mind.

Jim SterlingJonathan HolmesConrad ZimmermanHamza Aziz, Max and Tara,  Anthony Burch, Tommy Wiseau, ... Every host and co-host that's ever been on the show is not real, but merely a figment of Tommy Westphall's imagination.

Oh, and everything they've ever been on or involved in. Destructoid, The Comedy Button, Borderlands 2, HAWP and much more, including everything that has ever been reviewed, previewed or referenced on the site.

Since RetroforceGO! was a Destructoid podcast, and since Destructoid is in the head of an autistic child, this means that Chad Concelmo is also in that head. He now works for Nintendo. Nintendo is the figment of an autistic child's imagination. Suddenly the world makes sense.