The Warrior Of The Arctic, Brad Nicholson.

Brad "Chet" Nicholson is a former Old Podtoid regular and occasional host. He currently works for Uber Entertainment -- who what make Planetary Annihilation -- and hosts The Electric Hydra. One time he worked for Giant Bomb for like a week or two and showed up on their podcast once. He can often also be found on the "Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'?" Twitch Channel, usually streaming League of Legends. He is perhaps best known for his immense strength and chiseled body.

Brad and other Old Podtoid members have since made an appearance on Podtoid as a guest star (Podtoid #200 Retro Gaiden: Assassinate The Key Bears ). His shoe size remains unknown.

Feats Of StrengthEdit

  • Known to have punched the sun.
    Photo 142-noscale

    Did you get your tickets?

  • His Muscles shoots Muscles!
  • Rides horses as rollerskates
  • Has broken into God's house and chased him around the kitchen.
  • Fucks Bitches like a Horse.
  • Knows everything Robocop-related
  • Tried to kill god, realized quickly he was god and stopped trying.
  • Wrote all of these