(aka. Gotham City) is a city in the state of Massachusetts.  It covers 48.43 square miles and has a population of 625,087 people. Most notably, it is home to its favorite son, Jonathan Holmes. The Mayor of Boston is often mentioned in ideas or other pages on the Wiki, but, despite years of searching, his identity is still unknown. Also, according to Jim Sterling, a well known and respected scientist, the city has also been scientifically proven to be the best place in the world to prove Japanese game developers wrong.

The Scarecrow Invasion 1465-6Edit

Between 1465 and 1466 Boston was invaded by an army of ghoulish, gnarled, horny scarecrows with massive twig dicks, brought to life by a necromancer, which were thwarted by Boston's favourite son Jonathan Holmes. The scarecrows attempted to walk into Boston and twig dick everything after it's founding in 1466. The resident protecting army at that time, 'The Human League' were decimented almost to a man.

Nobely Jonathan Holmes gave a jobbie to every attacking scarecrow to save the surviving members of 'The Human League' defence force. He rested upon his knees and gave a slob job to every birchy member to protect the city and it's citizens.

This event is commemorated by a reenactment with Jonathan Holmes, wearing a suit of armor, at his 'Scarecrow Mayhem' exhibit within his 'Learn about Boston. The Greatest City on Earth-Presented to you by Boston's Favorite son Jonathan Holmes with Conrad and Jim helping a Little Bit' Museum.

Amazing Events and Places in BostonEdit

In the year 2012, Boston has been host to many of Jim Sterling's notorious schemes, these include:

The people of Boston consider these regular events to be some of the most beloved in the history of the city. Alongside these, Jim Sterling has established a number of businesses in and around the Boston area, such as a zoo, a movie theatre, and an Old West-style saloon/brothel.  Boston is also a good place to eat shit for justice.