The Black Dahlia Case

On Podtoid 229, Jim Sterling suggested that Jonathan Holmes start a career as a detective. The plan was twofold; firstly, Holmes acquired a nemesis in Colin Moriarty, because Jonathan Holmes' name is Holmes and Colin Moriarty's name is Moriarty, and secondly, solve the Black Dahlia case. This became known as the Black Dahlia Reveal Showdown (aka. Black Dahlia Murderer Reveal, and Val Kilmer's Black Dahlia Reveal Showdown, the sequel to Val Kilmer's Family Thanksgiving Showdown).

The PlanEdit

Jim offers Holmes to solve the Black Dahlia case by having him go on stage in Boston in front of an audience (including the Mayor of Boston, Val Kilmer, Matlock, Basil Mouse, Danger Mouse, Inspector Clouseau, Peter Gabriel and various other detectives) and just perform a bunch of half-assed freestyle gymnastics. He pins the Black Dahlia case on Steve Buscemi to which Conrad agrees, noting that even if he's innocent to the Black Dahlia case, he has probably killed someone else.