Ever since the wiki began around the release of Podtoid 234 a weekly poll has been available for every single episode, asking the Podtoid audience exactly which parts they like the most.

So far, they're usually the section that makes Jonathan Holmes the saddest.


Name/Description of Bit Episode of Appearance Percentage in polls
Freaky Constantina


Podtoid 234: The Foot-Clan's Poopy Ooze a lot
Willem Dafoe as Ass-Bitch the Dancing Cat


Podtoid 235: Acoustic Vulva a lot
Willem Dafoe in Chupacabros


Podtoid 236: Give My Scarecrow A Blowjob a lot
They set up a ghost business, break into peoples houses Podtoid 237: A Bucket of Ghost Poo 67.69%
Jonathan Holmes' house is a planetarium Podtoid 238: Homeless Men Masturbating with Glow-in-the-Dark-Paint 62%
Jonathan's garden is Jurassic Park Podtoid 239: Oprah's Licking Your Hammy Eggy Face 62.96%
Brave, a school play Podtoid 240: Uncle Ben's Hot Piss 58.33%
The Fluffy Pumpkins Podtoid 241: Man-Pig Milk 72.88%
Willem Dafoe in The 60-Year-Old, Morbidly-Depressed, Sexually-Obsessed Man Podtoid 242: Welcome to Monkey Hell 49.12%
Trent Reznor's HILARIOUS texts Podtoid 243: Do I Wanna Defend Balls? 81.63%
WBWF, Handsome Holmes vs a dog vs Blue Blowie Boy / The Cum Tribute Podtoid 244: Pope Spunky Biscuit 70.83%
Jimmie's Simple Home Cookin' (Rapidfire ideas to enhance Jonathan's life) Podtoid 245: Don't Body-Shame Elizabeth Berkley 72.58%
JonCon East Podtoid 246: Suck A Duck Boner 60.87%
Jonathan Holmes' biographical rock opera The Sexy Criminal Podtoid 247: The Mayor of Fellatio Town 69.77%
Jonny makes cummy chicken soup for make Jim feel better Podtoid 248: Jizz Soup For The Soul 63.27%
Willem Dafoe in The Volunteer Comedian / The Devil Brings French Fries Podtoid 249: Cakeside Nudity 46.15%
Boston is Rome Podtoid 250: Dangerous Salad On My Face 73.02%
The Dicfriends, a new TV show written by Jonathan Holmes Podtoid 251: Gordon Ramsay's Moist Dumpster 52.78%
Gordon Ramsay is The Two-Faced Twat Podtoid 252: Franz Kafka's Skeleton Warriors 70.18%
Jim's brother demands his foreskin back Podtoid 253: Flogging Yourself on a Rustic Dildo 56.58%
Jonathan Holmes is the new Blanka Podtoid 254: A Cup Of Blanka's Sperm 50.00%
The Holmes Capsule Podtoid 255: Semen Milking Squeeze of the Dragoness 55.32%
Gordon Ramsay is the Kitchen Gladiator Podtoid 256: A Perverted, Bad Attitude Rebel 52.85%
Pikmin's Secret Dick Podtoid 257: Pikmin's Secret Dick ~62%
Jonathan Holmes in Soda Baby  Podtoid 258: Dr. Dickman's Cursed Penis 67.21%
Hot Scoop Holmes in V For Vendetta 2: D for Deep Dicking Podtoid 259: Casper The Cummy Ghost 94.00%
Hot Scoops Holmes is Jonan O'brien (eats whole chicken) Podtoid 260: Wet Chicken Fingers 76.08%
Willem Dafoe Double Bill: Cina-MAN-bun and Ice Cream For Dinner 61.36%
Nintendo, Lord of the Flies 72.09%
Phil Collins' Hype Men 59.68%
Drug dealers from the 1980s 80%
Renaissance Faire in Ye Olde Bostone Podtoid 267: Fuckdumps R Us 85%
Val Kilmer is always Batman 43.75%
Jonathan Holmes es el Luchador 66.67%
Holmes desperately trying to talk about video games 37.04%
Cookies goin' in the oven 58.33%
Jonathan Holmes is Dandy Snuff, the villainous rogue 44.44%
Freaky Constantina Strips for Dogs 44.44%
Julia Child scaring children with a penis ghost 48.57%
Jonathan Holmes is Edwunk Clunken  50%
Willem Dafoe stars in A Moment on the Nips, a Lifetime Full of Slips 51.61% 
Val Kilmer's Halloween Haunting A considerable margin