Videogame and fingerbanging podcast
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Hosted by Chad Concelmo
Cast Colette Bennett, Stella Wong
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First episode
Best.Podcast.EVER! 001: Fingerbangcast
Last episode
Best.Podcast.EVER! 004: Happy Valentine's Day!
29th September 2010
11th February 2011

Best.Podcast.EVER! is a spin-off podcast of RetroforceGO!. Originally titled "Fingerbangcast", the title had to be changed due to iTunes not allowing a show with such a crass name to be on their store. If only they knew what laid inside those Podtoid MP3s they keep serving up...

Best.Podcast.EVER! was unfortunately short lived due to the cast having trouble getting time to come together, and Chad Concelmo eventually leaving Destructoid as a staff member.