Aaron Linde
Old Podtoid Cast Member / Host
Role Cast Member / Host
Date Joined 2nd December 2006
Date Left 27th April 2010
First episode Podtoid 8: Thanksgiving Wii-kend
Last episode Podtoid 148: Bob Hoskins is Watching You F*ck

Aaron Linde is an ex-Old Podtoid host, ex-Destructoid Reviews editor, game writer and designer and currently is a writer at Airtight games.

Aaron was prone to having many of his regrettable words pushed into the spotlight, resulting in his infamous hate for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time as well as the creation of the videogame, BonerQuest.

Aaron and Anthony Burch often joked about their love, resulting in a lot of Phallus Knife Fight art with the two, often nude and in erotic acts.

Aaron stayed on Podtoid even after he left Destructoid, possibly just to hate and diss Samit Sarkar for being poor.

Aaron was a regular of Podtoid pre-Anthony Burch era, often being the sole defender of the Wii, aganist Robert Summa. He briefly took hosting duties after Summa's departure but asked Anthony to take over due to the strain.


Aaron reacting to the conspiracy of videogame companies sending him food with a hidden message.