Sterling and Holmes Grave Raiders

Picture for the story by Tobbii Karlsson.

One of the many life-changing schemes Jim Sterling had for himself and Jonathan Holmes. This idea saw Jim and Holmes giving up the hardships of modern life, the annoyances of new age technology, and leaving their friends and families behind to live out their days peacefully and quietly together as 18th century grave robbers. 

The PlanEdit

Jim and Holmes would leave their jobs, family and friends behind to live out their days together in a stone shack, catching frogs and robbing graves until they found that one grave that would get them a chicken for dinner.

The JourneyEdit

To start their life as 18th century grave robbers Jim suggested they should "get a bit of a beard growing," "knock out a few teeth," get a dirty overcoat --preferably with patches-- top hats with the top flapping open "like a tin can." If they fail to find these they would just borrow clothes from a homeless person under the Brooklyn bridge.

Jim and Holmes would not be down and dirty grave robber, they would be "self styled gentlemen" as a posh lady passed them in the street, they would remove their top hats and greet her courteously. 

All loot they robbed from graves would be carried in loot sacks slung across their shoulders. For housing, Holmes would build their stone shack and Jim would hunt for frogs in the pond. The pond would also host funny moments of Jim and Holmes in longs-johns trying to catch frogs, bathing, and ignoring the crushed Pepsi cans in the pond. Dinner would be the frogs Jim caught, which they would cook in the stone shack. 

Holmes then questioned Jim if they would travel back in time. Jim answered by describing their sleeping arrangements. They would sleep in the stone shack on a bed of straw in their itchy long-johns with a small cloth to cover them - a dish rag that covers their nipple, dirty grey socks with the ends rotted away so that their toes stick out the bottom of them. Jim also added that once they had successfully looted a grave they would then be able to head to market to buy a nice chicken for dinner, but Jim also stated the forest they live in would be "too wet" to get a fire going and they would have to eat the chicken raw. This answer seemed to satisfy Holmes.